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PC-BSD Just in time for the new year, the PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD version 1.3 for public download. You may download this release and view the change log. The team is also launching a web design contest for the new web site of 2007.
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"Can the pbi-infrastructure do a system-wide upgrade like "apt-get upgrade", or a database search like "apt-cache search XYZ"? If not, I'll pass, for now."

As mentioned before, the PBI system is for application programs, not for the system itself. As mentioned before as well, you can use the FreeBSD ports collection along with the PBI system.

To upgrade the system, you would do something like this:

# cd /usr/src
# make update
# make buildworld buildkernel
# make installkernel

(You can add KERNCONF=MYKERNELNAME to buildkernel / installkernel for a user defined kernel configuration. More information can be taken from the excellent FreeBSD handbook.)

And for the apps, as long as you want to take them from the ports collection, something like this:

# cd /usr/ports
# make update
# pkgdb -aF
# portupgrade -arpRO

This will update all your installed applications.

As it was also mentioned before, it's not a good idea to mix things in PC-BSD. You know, you actually can do it, but the use of the PBI system is recommendet. PBI works fine for average users such as Steven Q. Sixpack and Jane Average. For those of us who like to tweak and patch, the ports collection surely is more fun. :-)

And remember: You can still use the older pkg_* commands, such as:

# pkg_add -r xmms
# pkgdb -aF

With PC-BSD, you have 4 (!) choices about how to install software: PBI, portinstall/portupgrade, (classical) make, pkg_add. But if you concentrate on the PBI system, you'll always be fine.

Back on (main) topic: I've downloaded and tested PC-BSD 1.3. First of all, I don't like KDE very much. :-) Then, the german i18n is not very good (as it always was). Hardware detection works well, mount operations also do. The PC-BSD developers have done a good job. I will surely cdrecord some CD packs and make presents out of them for the many poor people with "Windows" problems I know. :-)

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