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Microsoft "Here's a little thought experiment to take into the New Year. Not as difficult as Schrodinger's Cat, but thought provoking nevertheless. Imagine that you woke up tomorrow to a world without Microsoft. Not a world where Microsoft never existed, but one where it hit some hidden critical corporate mass and imploded, or it was discovered that the Windows source code was actually the DNA sequence for red cabbage, and all the directors disappeared to a hidden undersea stronghold. Whatever really... Microsoft existed and now it doesn't."
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It isn't all about consumption ...
by MacTO on Mon 1st Jan 2007 19:07 UTC
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My prediction: no mass transition.

If Microsoft just up and disappeared, a slew of companies would pop up to provide support for all of those legacy Windows systems. Most of them will be doing the mundane stuff to keep Windows running in existing systems, a few will extend the capabilities of Windows.

Overall, the industry would stall. How it would evolve after it comes out of that stall is an open question. Will businesses go for open source, or will they wait for a reasonable commercial alternative to Windows? Will home users abandon the concept of a personal computer for a glorified home entertainment system with Internet capabilities? Will Apple sacrifice margins for volume, by licensing out their operating system? Will open source developers step up to the plate to ensure that legacy Windows applications will work under Linux?

It is all too unpredictable. But it is fun to think of the possible outcomes.

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