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PC-BSD Just in time for the new year, the PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD version 1.3 for public download. You may download this release and view the change log. The team is also launching a web design contest for the new web site of 2007.
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Doc Pain
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"If PC-BSD tries to be a sort of "for-dummies" system, having 4 choices as such is a bug, not a feature. "

You should have read my posting eintirely without picking a sentence out of the context. The PBI system is the one for "dummies" and it is strongly recommended to use. So the "dummy" does not even know about the choice he could have.

The better educated ones may use other ways than PBI (as I have explained), but they should not do it because of possible side effects. If you know what you're doing and if you are familiar enough with FreeBSD itself, you surely won't use PC-BSD. You would use a "normal" FreeBSD instead.

It's just because PC-BSD is FreeBSD you have these choices. Okay?

"Though perhaps it can be ignored if just using PBI indeed works.

It works, and it works well. In order to upgrade the system itself, the use of the installation CDs (e. g. from 1.2 to 1.3) is a good way.

"But never never tell a non-BSD user that in order to update the system, you need to run three make commands, and then to upgrade the rest, you need a few more commands. "

"The rest"? Please be sure to see the difference between the base system and the installed applications.

"Linux people are used to doing all that in a single command. "

Which command is it? Is it available in all existing Linux distributions in the same way? Could you please tell me the command?

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