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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Returning to a biannual release cycle, the developers of Mandriva released a few days ago an initial alpha build of what will eventually become Mandriva Linux 2007.1: "Mandriva Linux 2007 Alpha1 (Hangzhou). This alpha version is available via two means. Firstly via the public FTP and HTTP sites mirroring the Mandriva Linux repository. Second, the preferred way, via either the provided One CDs (installable live CDs), or the installation mini CD i586 and x86_64." Screenshots are available.
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RE: Mandriva Users
by subject8 on Mon 1st Jan 2007 21:48 UTC in reply to "Mandriva Users"
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My mainstay OS is pclinuxos an offshoot of mandriva with apt-rpm , With all the buzz of fedora i tried it ......big mistake , ruined my linux experience untill i got mandriva or pclinuxos back on my pc ,Next i keep reading about this incredible new Ubuntu sp i tried it , didnt like it any better than fedora so i thought maybe it was the particular branded version of unbuno i was using , ended up trying 2 more at which point had my sickened of linux and back on windows most of the time because of how frustrating it was , no easily usable easily locatable tool to partition the HD same for setting services on startup same for lilo/grub on and so forth , not only that but it didnt detect a 3rd of my hardware while pclinuxos did

So when people learn that ubuntu isnt for everyone
killing IMHO better distro's like mandriiva/pclinuxos
then i will be back to linux

You may ask , killing how ?
People almost dont say linux anymored , they say Ubuntu
No users=lack of bug reporting lack of interest=lack of updates lack of interest=lack of user participation
i think you get the ideal....end result the same

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