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Microsoft "Here's a little thought experiment to take into the New Year. Not as difficult as Schrodinger's Cat, but thought provoking nevertheless. Imagine that you woke up tomorrow to a world without Microsoft. Not a world where Microsoft never existed, but one where it hit some hidden critical corporate mass and imploded, or it was discovered that the Windows source code was actually the DNA sequence for red cabbage, and all the directors disappeared to a hidden undersea stronghold. Whatever really... Microsoft existed and now it doesn't."
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It would be like TRON:
by Donny_S on Tue 2nd Jan 2007 06:19 UTC
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If MS goes away it would be like the MCP getting destroyed, the lights would go on everywhere and all users would get free and fair access to the American market. It's not surprising that Al Gore hasn't figured any of this out yet.

If MS goes away I could go to WalMart and sit at a kiosk and custom burn a GNU/Linux distro on a multisession DVD and pay USD-10.99 plus tax.

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