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PC-BSD Just in time for the new year, the PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PC-BSD version 1.3 for public download. You may download this release and view the change log. The team is also launching a web design contest for the new web site of 2007.
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"Where did you read that? People are trolling. It's just not true. To install, say, seamonkey on PC-BSD, you > have 3 possibilities:

1. Install the application like on Windows (.pbi file)
2. Install the seamonkey package with: pkg_add -r seamonkey
3. Compile seamonkey from ports: cd /usr/ports/www/seamonkey && make install clean "

You're installing new software. I was talking about updating the whole system.

The other things you said were not against my comments, and I don't disagree with them.

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