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Windows "Arguably one of today's biggest risks for network security and compliance are lingering systems that are no longer supported by their vendors. The security flaws in these systems may have been widely known for years, as is the case with Windows NT 4.0. In this article, we'll examine the risks associated with continuing to run these systems as well as provide some countermeasures that can be used to mitigate these risks."
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We Have It, Still
by Nehemoth on Thu 4th Jan 2007 00:28 UTC
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Well Imagine our problem, i work for a big company in our country, as our economy always is a problem and even that we are a Telco sometimes the gerence don't believe that the computers are a kind of process that every certain time you must invest again.

We have more than 17 servers, some domain controllers and the others terminal services platform running an old citrix version, in nov-dec a kind of virus attack us and just as the blaster hit down the rpc and also load a lot of CMD.exe process until they're (the processes)ate the resources.

Just now in the middle of dec and after some AV policies, and a host prevention system the problem disappear.

Now in january we gonna buy the servers and the software too migrate the platform.

that's the way in country as ours.

Course for me is just experience and there's sometimes (like this time) that sadly i couldn't do anything.

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