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Linux "Today, you can do everything you want with a Linux desktop, except play the latest games. Even there, Linux is catching up. So, why do only a handful of people run Linux instead of Windows? Here are my top-four reasons why Windows wins and Linux loses."
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RE[2]: Sigh...
by phoehne on Fri 5th Jan 2007 00:06 UTC in reply to "Sigh..."
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Driver issues are the biggest PITA. I didn't run Linux on my laptop for the longest time because it had a Broadcom wireless chip. I switched to an Atheros PCMCIA card, so I could use all 64 glorious bits on my CPU. (There was no 64 bit windows driver I could steal). If ATI, Atheros, or NVidia are willing to post drivers, I don't see why distros need to be categorically opposed to providing some degree of support.

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