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Linux "Today, you can do everything you want with a Linux desktop, except play the latest games. Even there, Linux is catching up. So, why do only a handful of people run Linux instead of Windows? Here are my top-four reasons why Windows wins and Linux loses."
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Colonel Panic
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Who gives a shit if it works out of the box or not? As long as I can go to the vendor's website and download a driver, that's more than enough for me. I usually do that anyway.
While it's true that Linux is more likely to work (esp out of the box) with a 15yo SCSI hard drive controller that you've got stored in the closet, it doesn't do quite as well with the bleeding-edge stuff. If it doesn't work out of the box on Linux, and there's no driver to download from the vendor, how the hell do you make it work, assuming you even can make it work?

You mean like InfiniBand, AOE, and stuff like that? I love how uniformed people can post away without actually finding out the facts with an "open" mind and even if you are from the Windows crowd, saying "Hey, that particular feature is really nice" and visa-versa.

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