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Fedora Core The Feodra team has posted a set of 28 features for the upcoming Fedora 7 release, of which the biggest is this: "Starting with Fedora 7, there is no more Core, and no more Extras; there is only Fedora. One single repository, built in the community on open source tools, assembled into whatever spins the Fedora community desires."
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by theeil on Sat 6th Jan 2007 04:39 UTC
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I'm happy to see all my present concerns as a Fedora user addressed, but question one item: Make the update system useable by all. This, as many of the goals listed is not particularly specific and could mean a fair number of things.
Should they mean that all users (regardless of wheel) will be notified of updates and given the opportunity to enter the root password and select updates, I would see it as redundant since updates should only be a concern to users in wheel or with sudo.
If they mean that all users will be given sudo (or similar) access to the updater, I would object on the grounds that updates should only be preformed by administrators. An update may break something which a user may not have the privileges to fix or the knowledge required to do so.
This goal strikes me as silly and I don't see any better solution than set it wheel-only. Has anyone else got a better interpretation?

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