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Windows Right before the end of 2006, Paul Thurrott completed his 8-part review of Windows Vista. His final conclusion: "Vista is a better operating system than the competition, for reasons that are both technical and practical. But for the hundreds of millions of people who will move to Vista in the coming years, all that will really matter is that it's a major improvement over XP. And it most certainly is that as well."
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RE: Missing something?
by Ultimatebadass on Sat 6th Jan 2007 21:38 UTC in reply to "Missing something?"
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I'm curious... what computers on which market are unable to meet Vistas MINIMUM requirements?

I'm from Poland, and as far as I know my country is not the wealthiest around - still, ANY PC you go out and buy here TODAY (or even a one you bought a year before) is able to meet Vista minimum requirements. Come on, were talking 800mhz with 512mb of ram here...

... not that it makes any sense running Vista on that kind of hardware but still.

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