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Linux At OSNews, I try to bring to attention smaller Linux distributions that try to be different, such as SymphonyOS, or more recently, Elive. Today, I want to introduce you to the LG3D-LiveCD, a distribution using Sun's Looking Glass desktop environment. Version 3 was released yesterday: "The new release features lg3d release 1.0, the possibility to install lg3d-livecd to an USB device and an experimental harddisk installer."
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RE: Java Speed
by Savior on Mon 8th Jan 2007 10:40 UTC in reply to "Java Speed"
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"On a side not, has any else noticed how slow firefox is on a Linux distro versus Windows. Especially Javascript?"

I have. ;) I was running the excellent tutorial of db4o (, which uses Java applets, so that the samples can be tried out right away. When I dragged another window in front of it, the applets refreshed almost immediately (refresh is slower on Linux than on Windows, I guess that is where the "almost" comes from), but the html part of the page was gray for quite a while.

However, I cannot say that Firefox is snappy on Windows either. I think they should concentrate more on the UI and the memory consumption, lest version 3 will be close to unusable. On my box, at least.

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