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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Normally Linux systems can only read from Windows NTFS partitions, but not write to them which can be very annoying if you have to work with Linux and Windows systems. This is where ntfs-3g comes into play. ntfs-3g is an open source, freely available NTFS driver for Linux with read and write support. This tutorial shows how to install and use ntfs-3g on a Ubuntu Edgy Eft desktop to read from and write to Windows NTFS drives and partitions. It covers the usage of internal NTFS partitions (e.g. in a dual-boot environment) and of external USB NTFS drives. Additionally, one more FS-related article (How To Resize ext3 Partitions Without Losing Data), and one Ubuntu (Why Ubuntu Is Number One).
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RE[3]: Ubuntu=Windows Convert
by chemical_scum on Mon 8th Jan 2007 13:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Ubuntu=Windows Convert"
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As I pointed out earlier in this thread:

I think it is experiences like mine that is responsible for the conversion of a very large number of existing Linux users to Ubuntu.

many Ubuntu users are are Linux users with various amounts of experience that have switched to Ubuntu. One of the advantages that make Ubuntu such a good distribution to use is the community support. This support is not primarily coming from Canonical employees but mostly from experienced Linux users who now use Ubuntu as their distribution.

I too: care about stability, Open-source drivers, Love GPL3, support hardware vendors that have open source drivers, know the difference between CC vs BSD vs GPL vs Other and the benefits of each, understand DRM, Open-formats etc...

Which is why when I buy my next system specifically to run Feisty on, I will be purchasing one with an Intel motherboard and their on board graphics chipset so I can run all the new 3D goodies with a free video driver. The decision about inclusion of binary drivers by default for some videocards is a complex one, but I for one am prepared to wait and see how it plays out. I think it is only fair to include Mark Shuttleworths views here:

I always use the term it just works because of the smug superior tone Mac OSX fans take when they use it. I feel that it is time to turn it back in their face as we now have a Linux distro that by and large just works.

We may be too dumb to install Debian but we are not all simple Windows converts.

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