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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia has quietly begun delivering an upgrade to its Linux-based 770 Internet Tablet. The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is available now from at least two retail stores in the U.S., priced at $399.99, CompUSA's Chicago "superstore" has confirmed. The device features GTalk and a VGA video-call camera via WiFi.
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RE[3]: zerohalo
by Roguelazer on Mon 8th Jan 2007 16:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: zerohalo"
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It doesn't run a fairly standard Gnome install. It uses the Maemo platform and the Hildon Application Framework (new widgets). It's a set of widgets, applications, and all of that designed for embedded devices. Much less RAM-heavy than Gnome (no nautilus, no gnome-panel, trimmed-down Gtk+, lighter window manager than Metacity, etc.). And it runs quite comfortably in 64 MiB, so I imagine that 128 MiB will be luxury.

Unfortunately, I love my 770 and I'm not sure if I can justify spending another $350 for a device that's (some unknown amount) faster and adds a camera that I'll probably never use. ;)

On a side note, does anybody know exactly what the N800 uses for video conferencing? Last I checked, Google Talk didn't support video and there was no video extension for XMPP, so...?

Also, as far as I know there is no serial port.

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