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KDE "Ever wonder what KDE 4.0 is going to look like when it is finally released some time this year ? As far as end users should be concerned, it is going to be much more beautiful, responsive and usable than KDE 3.5. Some of the features that it will have are as follows." Note: I thought the Kickoff menu was a SUSE thing, instead of being a KDE 4.0 thing?
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Not a Preview, False Information
by jacquouille on Mon 8th Jan 2007 17:51 UTC
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As a KDE developer, I don't appreciate at all the fact that this blogger takes a screenshot of the SuSE KDE 3.5 Kickoff menu and says it is the KDE 4.0 menu. This is plain wrong. Last time I checked, the KDE 4.0 menu was Raptor, not Kickoff. It is a part of the Plasma project and is still under heavy development, like Plasma itself, so it is too early for screenshots. You could find early screenshots of it but they're not supposed to be any representative of the final thing.

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