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Linux Long standing user of Arch Linux side-steps the typical OS-review template and takes a fresh look at several features of Arch Linux that make it an interesting and exciting distribution. Update: A recent interview with Judd Vinet, Arch's founder.
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Arch 0.8
by oxleyn on Mon 8th Jan 2007 20:52 UTC
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I've dabbled with Arch since version 0.7 and did manage to successfully get it installed and up and running on my old laptop.

However, I recently attempted to install and use version 0.8 on my newer laptop and it was a totally different kettle of fish. I had the Arch Wiki open for hours after I'd installed it (incidentally I find the installation process quick and simple) searching for what packages to install for my hardware and how to configure them. Even then I couldn't get X up and running with the Intel i810 driver.

I would love to say I was running it now but in the end I had to give up...perhaps only until some bright spark writes an Arch Linux/Dell Laitude D620 HOWTO. ;-)

That said, I did enjoy using 0.7 and I can honestly say I also found it responsive. It's certainly one of my favourite distros and deserves plenty of credit for being different.

PS - If anyone has a URL for alternative Arch ISOs for me to try out then please post them. Cheers!

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