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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Two luminaries - chairmen of Apple and Microsoft - make keynotes this week, in a highly anticipated standoff between the Consumer Electronics Show and Macworld. While analysts, bloggers and reporters will debate different strategies in operating systems (Leopard vs. Vista), entertainment (iTV vs. Home Server, Media Center and Windows Live), digital media (iLife vs. Windows Ultimate Extras and Windows Live), music (iPod vs. Zune) or mobiles (iPhone vs. Windows Mobile), I will focus on the men's personalities and the companies' different approaches to the events. The contrasts in style and substance will be important in making sense out of the companies' announcements."
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Gates CES Keynote
by siti on Tue 9th Jan 2007 01:36 UTC
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I watched it and it wasn't to bad, a little boring in parts but that happens.

The one ridiculous thing was while they were showing an HP commercial they halted the stream. They put up something about respecting someones intellectual property :S.

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