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KDE "In this weeks' edition of the Road to KDE 4, we'll take a look at the up and coming KWord 2.0 as part of the KOffice project. KWord 1.6.1 is already a powerful KDE-integrated word processor, but with KDE 4 technologies, KWord 2.0 promises to be among the most powerful free word processors available. Read on for more details."
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There isn't much chance of OpenXML support: just supporting the word "standard" takes an estimate 150 man year. And the spreadsheet format is even weirder. Read and enjoy:

What we're doing is going hell-for-leather for OpenDocument. When KOffice 2.0 will be released, OpenDocument will be available to a certain extent for all office suites, including the MS one -- and OpenDocument has the eminent advantage that it is implementable.

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