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KDE "In this weeks' edition of the Road to KDE 4, we'll take a look at the up and coming KWord 2.0 as part of the KOffice project. KWord 1.6.1 is already a powerful KDE-integrated word processor, but with KDE 4 technologies, KWord 2.0 promises to be among the most powerful free word processors available. Read on for more details."
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Cross platform
by dindin on Tue 9th Jan 2007 17:32 UTC
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I wish the KDE project the very best. As a Gnome user have found KDE to be a lot more easily ported to other platforms probably because of Qt. I currently use Gnome on BSD and OS X but I see a lot more of KDE apps on OS X than Gnome's. Open source software should not be tied to a Open source OS. Lately it seems that Gnome works best when used with Linux.

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