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Apple At the MacWorld conference in San Francisco, After the usual words of praise about the iPod+iTunes and the smoothness of the transition to Intel, Apple announced several new products. Surprisingly, nothing was said about new Macs or Leopard. The keynote speech started at 17:00 GMT. Read on for the details.
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by Adam S on Tue 9th Jan 2007 19:34 UTC
Adam S
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Was this Macworld or Appleworld?

Am I the only one to notice that Mac world did not mention a Mac *at all*?

AppleTV, ok, cool. iPhone, admittedly running OS X, but still not a Mac, cool.

But no Leopard. No Quad-Core Mac Pros. No iLife, no iWork. No new slim Macbook Pro. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Can that be everything?

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