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Apple At the MacWorld conference in San Francisco, After the usual words of praise about the iPod+iTunes and the smoothness of the transition to Intel, Apple announced several new products. Surprisingly, nothing was said about new Macs or Leopard. The keynote speech started at 17:00 GMT. Read on for the details.
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EDGE ???
by Nicholas Blachford on Tue 9th Jan 2007 22:37 UTC
Nicholas Blachford
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This is a rather odd choice for a mobile data standard. If you happen to be in an open WiFi hotspot you can use it, no problem there.

However if you're not (and there's a pretty good chance of that) you have to use EDGE, a relatively little used 2.5G standard. e.g. if you are in the UK and the operator is Orange you may be lucky, if not you're stuck with an old style GSM modem... ouch!

I'm curious to see what the CPU is, I'd imagine it's an Xscale of some form (Intel sold off all the ARM stuff be will probably still making them for a while yet). There are PowerPCs at this level now (460 series) but I doubt that somehow with the current Apple Intel love-in.

I don't think it'll be a full OS X somehow, probably a very stripped down embedded version.

The look and GUI of the device appear to be very impressive indeed as should be expected and I think this device will certainly give the mobile manufacturers something to think about.

I'm a bit sceptical of the touch screen though, those things are difficult enough to keep clean even with styluses, it's going to get dirty very quickly if you touch it with your fingers all the time. Have they given it a special coating or something?

The Apple TV is another interesting product which isn't as innovative as it might appear (XBox360 and a Philips system can do something similar, Sony have a box which doesn't need the PC) Apple's advantage is integration, nobody else has this - yet.

Going into 2 completely new markets against larger established competition is brave to say the least. I can't see them having the same success they had with the iPod though. But if they can cut themselves a profitable niche I think they'll be quite happy.

The battle for the desktop is over, Wintel won. The battle for the living room has begun.

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