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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The following is a transcript of a lecture given by Richard Stallman in Zagreb (Croatia/Hrvatska) on March 9th 2006. The lecture was given in English. Richard Stallman launched the GNU project in 1983, and with it the Free Software movement. Stallman is the president of FSF - a sister organisation of FSFE. Transcription of this presentation was undertaken by Ciarán O'Riordan."
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by Bounty on Wed 10th Jan 2007 17:36 UTC
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I think Stallman has some interesting ideas, but he also is wrong on MANY things. Free Software doesn't respect user's freedom! If that was the case, the license would read "Here you go, have fun!" Freedom means I can do whatever I want...

Also, why is not giving someone something unethical? In his lecture he goes off on how it's better to violate a license you have agreed to, then to give a nice guy software he wants that you have.

Apparently every time you tell someone a secret it is as if you "deliberately attacked the social solidarity of your community" If Jack tells me a secret and I promise not to tell, I'm not going to tell Jill, even if she's nice.... unless she's REALLY nice. THAT is freedom.

I can't read anymore of this lecture... illogical.... error.... divide by zero.... daisy... daisy

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