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PC-BSD "Version 1.3.01 of PC-BSD has now been made available on the download page. This update addresses several recent issues with partitioning, as well as fixes issues with certain hardware and HAL support. Users already running version 1.3 may download an update to 1.3.01 via the 'Online Update' utility."
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RE[2]: Might not be a bad thing...
by Doc Pain on Wed 10th Jan 2007 18:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Might not be a bad thing..."
Doc Pain
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"So do you need to reboot after an upgrade like this?"

A reboot is only needed if you install a new kernel or a new world (install a world = install the base system; does not affect installed applications). Usually you install the world in SUM (single user mode).

But I'm sure there is a way you don't need a reboot if you find a hint to unload / reload the kernel and the modules and install the new world with the old world. :-)

Specific to PC-BSD, I think a reboot is needed if there are changes to the kernel. But I'm not that familiar with the content of the update so I can't tell exactly.

In most cases, updates do not require any reboot. Some need restarting a service or deamon, some require you to logout and login again, some are active as soon as they are installed.

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