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Legal Cisco has sued Apple over the use of the 'iPhone' brand. "Cisco today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California against Apple, Inc., seeking to prevent Apple from infringing upon and deliberately copying and using Cisco's registered iPhone trademark."
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the only problem is that ciscos iPhone-brand dates back 2 years before the first iMac
If someone copied the "i-Brand" it's apple

Stop, reverse.

Cisco trademark is 2000, first iMac is 1998 (iMovie is 1999, iPod and iTunes are 2001, iPhoto 2002 -- thanks, Wikipedia) and Cisco's iPhone came out a few months ago, tops, so Apple could easily make a strong case that iThings are their brand.

Still, it doesn't look great for Apple. From Steve Jobs's own mouth, the iPhone had been in development for two and a half years, not seven, and Cisco got their allegedly intelligent phone out the door first.

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