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Internet Explorer Groklaw has an article arguing that Microsoft has not yet complied with the DOJ order that users must be able to remove Internet Explorer from Windows. "So he explained the blue and white screens of death, what a dual boot startup is, commingling code, and then tying or bundling, specifically tying Internet Explorer with the operating system. He explained how you can't use Add/Remove to get IE or Media Player off your hard drive, but that you can use SPAD, 'set program access and defaults', to choose Firefox or another browser as your default browser instead of IE. However, IE remains on your hard drive."
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RE: We've been here before
by Jezza on Thu 11th Jan 2007 18:48 UTC in reply to "We've been here before"
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MSHTML engine -- it's used by more than just IE.

True, but not the ie application. I have programs on my pc that depend on gnome libraries, but that doesn't mean I need all of gnome installed, just the libraries.

MS would be able to allow removal of internet explorer without removing all the MSHTML/trident libs. Perhaps a better example is that firefox needs the netscape/mozilla gecko rendering engine, but that doesn't mean I need all of netscape/seamonkey installed for firefox to work

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