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Apple Axiotron, together with distribution partner Other World Computing, is drawing huge crowds at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco this week, as attendees flock to take its new Mac OS X-based 'ModBook' tablet computer for a test run. Unveiled on Tuesday, the USD 2279 device is an after-market hardware modification to Apple's MacBook notebook line. The companies claim it's the 'first ever Mac OS X tablet computer solution'. Each ModBook starts off as a MacBook Core 2 Duo but undergoes a surgical operation where its original display and keyboard are severed, then replaced with a new 13.3-inch Wacom pen enabled widescreen display set in a chrome-plated magnesium top shell. The device runs the current version of Mac OS X and utilizes that software's built-in Inkwell handwriting recognition.
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Vertical Markets
by Roguelazer on Fri 12th Jan 2007 15:14 UTC
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You're all thinking about Microsoft's "Tablet PC" initiative, but you forget that tablets have been selling in vertical markets for many years (long before "Windows XP Tablet PC Edition" was released), and presumably will continue to do so. Gryzor touched upon it with the medics, but companies like Fujitsu has been selling tablet devices to a lot more industries than just the medical industry. Just look at Fujitsu's Stylistic and Point lines- they've been around since they ran 486's (a 486 DX2-50, to be exact)! Or look at Microsoft- they've been developing Tablet software since Pen Services for Windows, back in the bad old Windows 95 days. So if there isn't a markey, you could've fooled me...

Here's some examples of "Tablet PC" history:


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