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PC-BSD In his 'A week with...' series, Justin has used PC-BSD 1.3 this week and is sharing his experience. In other news, the PC-BSD team unveiled a sneak peek of the new look of the software installation wizard.
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RE: One thing is for sure...
by abhaysahai on Sat 13th Jan 2007 07:10 UTC in reply to "One thing is for sure..."
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Do you gain some sadistic pleasure in bashing Microsoft?
This was an article about PC-BSD. If you want to compare PC-BSD with Vista then bring about a decent comparison- feature, usability wise. What is the fun of simply badmouthing Vista?
I am no MS loyalist. I work mostly on Ubuntu/Arch, but if something from MS is good enough, I am man enough to appritiate it.
A constructive critisism is welcome, however, immature comments like the above, demean the entire thought.

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