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PC-BSD In his 'A week with...' series, Justin has used PC-BSD 1.3 this week and is sharing his experience. In other news, the PC-BSD team unveiled a sneak peek of the new look of the software installation wizard.
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RE[2]: One thing is for sure...
by celt on Sat 13th Jan 2007 13:57 UTC in reply to "RE: One thing is for sure..."
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"Do you gain some sadistic pleasure in bashing Microsoft?"


I am forced to administer a few Windows servers at my place of employment. Out of thirty-five or so boxes, being FreeBSD, a couple are still Windows. I spend more time on two or three boxes than I do the rest of the network combined. MS costs me my freetime, my weekends and a butt-load of overtime I will never, ever get compensated for. Just last Wednesday I had to fiddle and handhold the list of "critical" patches that needed to be applied to these servers, if you could call them that. This doesn't even speak to the desktops - we have another poor sole that has that to deal with. Then I've got all the spam to deal with from spewing, compromised, MS workstations that fill the wire with horribly chatty protocols (smb).

Does it make me feel good? Yes. Is it satisfying? No, not until MS is outlawed for server use. Now I have Microsoft reps. calling daily about how/when we plan for a Vista migration? Yes, I'm angry.

I think I hear your bot-master calling.

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