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Windows Sales of Windows Vista to businesses were stronger than expected during the operating system's debut month, according to a report from NPD Group. The sales outpaced the first month's tally for Windows 2000 and only slightly trailed that for Windows XP, the market researcher said Thursday. Commercial revenue from Vista in December was 62.5 percent above that racked up by Windows 2000 in March 2000, its first month after launch. But Vista's total is 3.7 percent below what Microsoft got in the commercial channel for Windows XP in November 2001, its first month on the market.
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RE: Numbers...
by jyoungxxxx on Sat 13th Jan 2007 20:01 UTC in reply to "Numbers..."
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No... nowhere on the internet is there going to be an accurate sales percentage because Microsoft has paid off the media and analysts. I know I will never listen to anybody that says they know the percentage of people using Linux as a desktop out there unless they are know everybody out there and what OS they use. As far as Market Share, you have got to be kidding me, Linux is free and anybody could have it out there and it isn't calculated because it is impossible to be accurate. Most of the information you get from .com news sites are paid off and they use inaccurate statistics to promote sales. OS News is open to anybody to post so you can expect anything.

The internet news business is way out of control... Mass Bullshit controlled by money. You be the judge and quit following the herd of sheep and do some thinking for yourself (not intentionally pointing that at you gonzalo but everybody).

I use Linux at my home and I love the freedom. Linux could be use in business if you customize it the way you want and store it as an image on a file server and deploy it to all of the workstations. Why pay money when it isn't necessary. Most companies customize windows with scripting anyways why not customize linux and have a secure environment. This way would avoid all problems with MS as well being that there would be no windows workstations in the organization.

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