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PC-BSD In his 'A week with...' series, Justin has used PC-BSD 1.3 this week and is sharing his experience. In other news, the PC-BSD team unveiled a sneak peek of the new look of the software installation wizard.
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RE: some corrections
by KLU9 on Sat 13th Jan 2007 20:25 UTC in reply to "some corrections"
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4. Portsnap don't stall- it downloads over 40MB or ports image over slow internet connection (PPPoE in his case)- just have to wait and be patient.

Maybe it doesn't stall.... but it sure as hell looks to me like it has every time I've tried it. It would progress to something like 25% and then... nothing.

If it is still doing something, then may I suggest some form of feedback to let the user know that.

And it does seem strange that if it's just because of slow downloading, then why does it appear to be doing something for the first 25% but then appear not to be doing anything after that???

Does my broadband work fine most of the time and then just coincidentally collapse each and every time I'm 25% of the way thru using Portsnap in PC-BSD... on two completely different broadband providers and types???)

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