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Graphics, User Interfaces A brighter picture and less wires are some of the advantages to a new display standard for PCs, TVs and projectors being reviewed by the Video Electronics Standards Association, or VESA. Called DisplayPort, it allows for more colors, better resolution and refresh rates, and connections involving fewer cables.
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The NTSC (Never Twice the Same Colour) with 535 lines is a real PITA and should have been abandoned decades ago. Whatever standard these guys come up with will have to display the current crap picture. Joe 6pack will still complain about the colors of his favourite fotball team going haywire(or was it the last six stubbies he drank?)

It is time for a complete rethink about displays and while you are doing it, stick the marketing department heads down the toilet pan. They will just screw things up, delay things and make up pay twice or three times for something that should have been a standard yesrs ago.

I was an exhibitor at Telecom 86 in Geneva. Yes almost 20 years ago and Sony, Phillips and others were showing HDTV then. I still have the flyer from the Sony Stand. They had a demo that showed a geisha doll with the same doll shown on a BIG Screen. You could not tell the difference between the actual doll and the picture.

IMHO, there is a more fundamental problem than screens showing TV. I think the actual delivery of HDTV is more of an issue. My Digital TV freezes every so often or something moving fast causes pixelation. This is just not good enough. If I switch the an analogue feed then I don't see any of this. Pah! Progress! Technology! Utter Rubbish.

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