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Mac OS X Some more information about the Apple iPhone is keep hitting the web: the ARM CPU is apparently made by Samsung, applications will only be developed by third party companies that have a license agreement with Apple and make sure they follow specific guidelines (and possibly the apps will only be available by iTunes) while other sources say that the iPhone indeed runs a modified version of Darwin with a few OSX components (incorrectly reported by Slashdot today that it's not). Desktop OSX apps won't run on the iPhone of course. David Pogue also has two FAQs on the product (1,2).
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RE: Looks to me like...
by zbrimhall on Sun 14th Jan 2007 02:48 UTC in reply to "Looks to me like..."
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2006-08-21's going to be an overpriced, underpowered, over-hyped, vendor-locked in, beautifuly designed and easy to use Apple device...

Well, let's see. The iPod was all of those things, especially at release. Sometime this year Apple is going to sell their hundred millionth. Something tells me the formula works.

They won't get my bucks on this one either, simply because I can't afford it. But make no mistake: most people place a lot of value on beautiful objects that work well; and for those who can afford it, the price is just another selling point. Even an inherently valueless object can be made to seem valuable if the price for it is high enough.

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