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PC-BSD In his 'A week with...' series, Justin has used PC-BSD 1.3 this week and is sharing his experience. In other news, the PC-BSD team unveiled a sneak peek of the new look of the software installation wizard.
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by Haicube on Sun 14th Jan 2007 07:23 UTC
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I've installed PcBSD with the intention of using it as a desktop for occassional purposes and especially as for using it as a fileserver in a Windows/OSX network.

From default install, I've had some serious problems trying to figure out a couple of things. Help would be appreciated.

1. AFAICT PcBsd only installs Samba as in use for browsing others fileshares, not sharing my own? is this a correct assumption? How do I then simplest get Samba with the possibility to share files. Checked PBIs and can't find it.

2. My other boxes on the network can't "see" the PcBSD machine as default. odd for a default install desktop machine, how do I fix this?

3. For using as a fileserver, what would be the recommended path to store these files? in /mnt?

In my world, I'd love to see even this simplified, as in having an option during install for purpose, such as "fileserver" and just have it set it up for me.

not to mention that the PBI with Pamp (apache yadi yadi) didn't work either. It runs it, and then says check Localhost, but nothing happens there.

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