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PC-BSD In his 'A week with...' series, Justin has used PC-BSD 1.3 this week and is sharing his experience. In other news, the PC-BSD team unveiled a sneak peek of the new look of the software installation wizard.
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RE[2]: some corrections
by antik on Sun 14th Jan 2007 16:35 UTC in reply to "RE: some corrections"
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On the contrary! PC-BSD uses only stuff already tested on FreeBSD - e.g updated KDE to 3.5.5 only after it was available in ports.

We got KDE 3.5.5 for our internal beta versions from development cvs repository long before it appeared in ports.

..but don't claim that PC-BSD helps testing new stuff in FreeBSD. It doesn't. (And there are some areas that it could: HSP's new USB stack, Ariff's work on multimedia, etc.).

You mean we should test new (alpha) features on our users? We bring FreeBSD for desktop users and your claim that we do nothing for testing new stuff is nonsense. If you think that we (PC-BSD Team) is sitting in cave and waiting for ports appear then you are wrong- we file bugreports and help troubleshoot many FreeBSD desktop specific bugs and of course we know about Xorg 7.2, DRM/DRI, about HALd disaster, current USB suckiness (sry, limitations/bugs), crippled features in KDE- broken by Linux oriented developers (NFS, Samba, CUPS...), ZFS, Gjournaling filesystem, MAC, etc...

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