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Internet & Networking Last June a spin-off department of Red Hat, lead by desktop guru Havoc Pennington, announced Mugshot. Originally, Mugshot was in the midst of controversy whether it's a social networking application or not. Apparently, it instead is a "social networking aggregator". In order for this to work, access to third party data is a must.
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by dcbw on Sun 14th Jan 2007 17:04 UTC in reply to "Re: hp"
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No, actually, _both_ Owen and Havoc are working on Mugshot.

Havoc still works on D-Bus too, but his main focus is Mugshot and he's handed off a lot of the D-Bus maintenance and feature development to others in the community and at Red Hat (like John Palmieri).

Part of the reason for mugshot was this; Open Source doesn't really touch a lot of people outside the developer community, if you exclude Firefox and Open Office. Millions of people (kids, adults) use social networking sites like myspace, flikr, delicious, facebook, etc. Those people, by and large, _don't_ use Open Source software. Mugshot is partly an attempt to figure out how to bring OSS to a much wider audience, one that doesn't normally use OSS.

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