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KDE This week's KDE Commit Digest tells about an installer for KDE on Windows and the problems the developers encountered setting up a working environment for KDE to run on. Many screenshots included, showing the first applications (such as Konqueror) running natively.
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How is clicking "Next" several times and watching a gague bar (several times for multiple applications) simpler than typing one command (one command even for multiple applications)? I don't want to click the buttons, I want my app! ;) .

Besides, static linking means:
a) size on disk - OK, disk is cheap
b) size in RAM
- there's never enough RAM
- the more RAM is available for caches the better
- no sharing of the same library code in RAM

c) size during transfer - bandwidth is _NOT_ cheap everywhere
d) security patches - oh yeah, let's download the whole huge static OOo binary instead of just libjpeg. and let's do it for all apps, that use libjpeg.

That's just stupid.

Granted, in Windows world, it works like that. However, that does not mean that it is a good thing to do.

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