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General Development In the Free and Open Source communities we are proud of our 'bazaar' model, where anyone can join in by setting up a project and publishing their programs. Users are free to pick and choose whatever software they want... provided they're happy to compile from source, resolve dependencies manually and give up automatic security and feature updates. In this essay, I introduce 'decentralised' installation systems, such as Autopackage and Zero Install, which aim to provide these missing features.
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havent i heard this before?
by mtzmtulivu on Tue 16th Jan 2007 02:21 UTC
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..for this to "work", all distro must use the same compiler( or only versions that are compatible with one another), the same libraries( or only those that are compatible with one another ), the same kernel ( or only those that dont break anything btw releases), all maintainers must agree on the same patches( or all distro must run the same vanilla kernel) ..all distro must sit and agree on the "right" direction before start moving or have the big players dictates what they want on others ..and the list goes on ..

the dynamics of FOSS development more or less demands this kind of "craziness" ..having everybody lining up and have only the front person start moving before the one behind him/her will slow everything down ..

"Do we need this many people working on essentially the same task?" it looks that way, some task will have to be repeated while others work on different paths advancing everything forward ..

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