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General Development In the Free and Open Source communities we are proud of our 'bazaar' model, where anyone can join in by setting up a project and publishing their programs. Users are free to pick and choose whatever software they want... provided they're happy to compile from source, resolve dependencies manually and give up automatic security and feature updates. In this essay, I introduce 'decentralised' installation systems, such as Autopackage and Zero Install, which aim to provide these missing features.
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RE[3]: B.A.D idea
by archiesteel on Tue 16th Jan 2007 05:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: B.A.D idea"
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Because the Distributors sometimes take long to package. What it should is as simple for developers to package that properly running source tree as taring the folder. Notice that what is described in the article simply generates instructions as to what is provided/needed in terms of files and actions.

There's nothing preventing developers to package their applications using statically-linked binaries *and* having the same apps be packaged by distros at the same time. That way those who want the latest and greatest can download them directly from the developer's web site, and those who prefer to wait for the packages to be available in the repos can do that as well.

You shouldn't have to choose between the two, you should be able to use both as you wish. The only thing I can see being a bit harder is managing system menus, but with that's not much of an issue anymore.

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