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BSD and Darwin derivatives FreeSBIE 2.0-RELEASE has been released. "FreeSBIE 2.0-RELEASE (codename Clint Eastwood) is based on the fresh FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, both in terms of sources and of packages. It contains more than 450 pieces and 1,3 gigabytes of software, all in a single CD-ROM of 668 megabytes."
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Daniel Seuffert
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Sorry, FreeSBIE is already integral part of FreeBSD and supported by the FreeBSD foundation, more is to come soon.

And yes, a LiveCD is essential for every free OS these days. You can use the FreeSBIE toolkit to create your own LiveCD btw, see

Nearly all projects based on FreeBSD with a LiveCD (RoFreeSBIE, DesktopBSD etc.) use this toolkit (except Frenzy for some reasons).

Congrats to the FreeSBIE team and thnaks for all their hard work, please keep on going strong! ;)

Best regards, Daniel

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