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Linux Ian Murdock blogs about the importance of backward compatibility. "Yes, it's hard, particularly in the Linux world, because there are thousands of developers building the components that make up the platform, and it just takes one to break compatibility and make our lives difficult. Even worse, the idea of keeping extraneous stuff around for the long term 'just' for the sake of compatibility is anathema to most engineers. Elegance of design is a much higher calling than the pedestrian task of making sure things don't break. Why is backward compatibility important?"
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RE[2]: Odd little article.
by jyoungxxxx on Tue 16th Jan 2007 14:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Odd little article."
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I think it is a flame fest and I think there are plenty of advertisers that are working for microsoft out there that like to flame Linux. It doesn't matter it doesn't fool the linux organization anyways. Anytime somebody comments about market share percentages (that are inaccurate due to not knowing how many people use linux as their desktop out there) are either another ignorant poster that believes the analysts and the media have correct statistics or are in fact paid off by microsoft some way which could be an organization that is making money because of microsoft or is employed by them.

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