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GNU, GPL, Open Source "We observe that there exists a broad misconception that the BSD permits the licensing of BSD code and modifications of BSD code under closed source licenses. In this paper we put forward an argument to the effect that the terms of the BSD require BSD code and modifications to BSD code to be licensed under the terms of the BSD license. We look at some possible consequences and observe that this licensing requirement could have serious impacts on the unwary."
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by manmist on Tue 16th Jan 2007 15:34 UTC in reply to "MORE FUD THAN EVER!"
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Obviously you want to flame the lawyer with a legal opinion that points out a few things that might be different from what is commonly known.

Meanwhile all the BSD's are choke full of GPL'ed software starting with the GPL'ed GCC compiler. Yes, there are BSD licensed compliers but they arent used by these BSD flavors, so let's not turn this into a GPL vs BSD argument. Note that the paper doesnt get into this sillyness.

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