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General Development In the Free and Open Source communities we are proud of our 'bazaar' model, where anyone can join in by setting up a project and publishing their programs. Users are free to pick and choose whatever software they want... provided they're happy to compile from source, resolve dependencies manually and give up automatic security and feature updates. In this essay, I introduce 'decentralised' installation systems, such as Autopackage and Zero Install, which aim to provide these missing features.
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by Finalzone on Tue 16th Jan 2007 20:00 UTC in reply to "Bingo"
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I have to disagree on that statement for one reason: first, source package is available on most distributions which provide a spec file (used to build these binary packages) and the tarball from these upstream developers (Inkscape in this example).
Second, this package needs to be reviewed for validating the license, check out security (key word), make sure the installation goes to the right path and more. Since each distribution has a different criteria for packaging a application, having another package manager from upstream like autopackage won't help solve these above issues.

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