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SkyOS Lots of news on SkyOS. Kaffe using GNU Classpath (without AWT) is now working fine on SkyOS, just like Wine. Although there is no Wine graphics driver yet, you can already start Windows console applications directly from within SkyOS (once a Wine/SkyGI backend is available Wine should run on SkyOS as good as it does on Linux, and will be available via Software Store). On the driver side there is now an ACPI driver including support for ACPI power/sleep buttons (a SkyOS service, the PowerMonitor, will react on power events with configurable actions like shutdown, reboot, etc.). And finally, the SkyOS LiveCD is shaping together and should soon be available. Take a look at the changelog for all updates. Note: If you have problems accessing the website, please click read more for how to solve this issue. Other than that, read more for a first glimpse of yet another improvement coming to SkyOS.
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huuu, you sure about that ?
by Lakedaemon on Tue 16th Jan 2007 20:35 UTC
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I mean...I mean....


There is a lot of BSD code in windows
(at least at a time , there was in the network stack...)
and what about the GIMP, open office (with Java), firefox, Thunderbird that I am using every day on my win xp machine...

Now, to be fair, Linux is much more worse than skyos :
Without FLOSS it wouldn't run at all (when Skyos would) . Damn those that coded Gnu/linux : their stinky os only run because they stole good old open source code.

Now, comes Mac OS X... They used BSD code for their core components, kernel and stuff, didn't they ?
And then they just closed the parts that they are really (beautifully) developping...nasty nasty Apple developpers...


Get real man. BSD and GPL licences were made to allow the code (write good code once and re-use it for the good of everyone) to be reused by others under specific legal conditions.

Now, don't come and whine when those conditions are met and the code is reused...

perople nowadays...

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