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Windows Even though the retail launch of Windows Vista just a couple of weeks away, Microsoft is still continuing to fine-tune its licensing and pricing details. Sources said that Microsoft will announce some time over the next few days that the two additional copies of Vista Home Premium for somewhere between USD 50 to USD 99 a piece. In order to qualify for the so-called 'Family Pack' promotion, customers will first need to purchase at retail a copy of Vista Ultimate, which carries an estimated retail price of USD 399. The deal will not be offered to those who purchase Ultimate preloaded on a new PC, sources said; it will be for customers buying and/or upgrading via retail channels only.
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YEs it does.
by brostenen on Wed 17th Jan 2007 09:21 UTC
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Yes I am shure.
In Denmark, the national law IS ABOVE the "company's law", (in this case the EULA).

In denmark, software is considered as a stand alone product, so U are allowed to install it on as many different machines as U please, or do whatever u want as long as it is not illegal (cracking and so).
Still, only if it is on one machine at a time (one license pr. machine).

The same as buying spareparts for your mercedes, wich is not the original mercedes parts, then U are allowed to install it.
And the mercedes company are not granted the right to stop U in doing it.
The only problem here, is that U are not covered by some type of refund or so, if it makes the rest of the car crash or destoy other parts, or something like that.

U are allowed to remove the copy protection of dvd's and music-cd's, as long as it is for the use of the product (linux and so).
U are allowed to remove copy-protection to make a single backup for protection of U'r purchage.
Here, the national law, is STILL above "company-law".

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