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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Work has begun on a Windows-based installer for Ubuntu. "The aim of this installer is to provide an easier way for a Windows user to install Ubuntu without having to know how to burn a CD .iso, set the BIOS to boot from CD, repartition the disks, set up a multiboot system, etc. It will not replace any of the current Ubuntu installation options, and will not require that Windows is installed prior to the installation of Ubuntu." Update: Screenshots.
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by audun on Wed 17th Jan 2007 12:32 UTC
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I was just thinking the same ting. Bootcamp makes it easy to install Windows on a Intel Mac. I haven't seen any reasons why I should do it, but a friend at work just did it, and it was great. I think it's a very good thing when people copy good ideas from eachother. Takes the world further ahead.

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