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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Work has begun on a Windows-based installer for Ubuntu. "The aim of this installer is to provide an easier way for a Windows user to install Ubuntu without having to know how to burn a CD .iso, set the BIOS to boot from CD, repartition the disks, set up a multiboot system, etc. It will not replace any of the current Ubuntu installation options, and will not require that Windows is installed prior to the installation of Ubuntu." Update: Screenshots.
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RE: linux
by steviant on Wed 17th Jan 2007 20:16 UTC in reply to "linux"
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He's right you know.

I never thought of it before, but this guy just made it all crystal clear for me.

Nobody is using Linux, nobody wants to. I'm shutting down now to reformat my hard drive, because the official word is in. Nobody wants Linux at all.

So long people, it was a nice try, but we all have to go and start hacking on Windows now, because NOBODY USES LINUX at all.

You heard it here first from some dick called happycamper, who is apparently the ultimate authority on alternative OSes.

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