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General Development In the Free and Open Source communities we are proud of our 'bazaar' model, where anyone can join in by setting up a project and publishing their programs. Users are free to pick and choose whatever software they want... provided they're happy to compile from source, resolve dependencies manually and give up automatic security and feature updates. In this essay, I introduce 'decentralised' installation systems, such as Autopackage and Zero Install, which aim to provide these missing features.
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And for that reason you will never have the tight, integrated, focussed experience you will get from Amiga or Macs. It is also the reason most people get computers from vendors like Dell etc., where the hardware has been well matched and configured in advance. It is somewhat misleading to say that PCs are successful because of their customisability, since the vast majority of computers sold are Dells and the like that have very much restricted customisation. PCs became popular because they run windows, which through an accident of history (certainly not merit) became the defacto standard for OSs, like it or not.

Whether or not you can customize PC's was not the point. The point was, rather, that you are not dependent on one vendor for IBM-PC compatible hardware. Becoming dependent on one vendor for computers, operating systems, word processors, or anything else is The Road That Should Not Have Been Travelled.

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