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FreeBSD FreeBSD 6.2, one of the most popular versions of the free BSD Unix operating system, is out with new features and updates. It plugs holes and, in addition to the usual route of installing directly to a hard drive this time around, offers a LiveCD that can be used to rescue a broken system. Developers on the free version of the BSD Unix operating system hope it will help build momentum for what is arguably the most popular BSD variant in use.
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The only thing missing is ...
by dindin on Thu 18th Jan 2007 19:11 UTC
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Binary package management. True pkg_add will do the initial install but maintanance of the system on an ongoing basis is painful involving portupgrade. One can choose the binary only option, but then I have had to deal with many dependency issues later on. Source build of large systems and updates are quite time consuming - say openoffice or Gnome. Having said that, I still prefer FreeBSD to others. Have tries Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. Nothing like FreeBSD. Stable, fast and easy. Now only if we could get the Debian's apt-get system ported to it ;)

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