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Hardware, Embedded Systems This article tries to explain why workstations are no longer an appropriate tool for the present working environment, what the alternatives are, and what consequences it has for the development of OSes.
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Another thing is missed here. What once constituted a workstation (in terms of memory, disk, processor, etc.) is now no longer the high end of machines. They are now the discount chain special.

There is a place for centralized processing and storage, but there is also a place for having a local copy for just one user to work with. The tools need to fit the job. With the insurgence of Linux on the scene, that heavy lifting that was once done only by Unix Workstations can now be done with an inexpensive machine and a Linux disk.

The world is changing, but there will always be a need, by some, for a high end machine on the desktop. It is just that now the delta from cheap to expensive in terms of performance has shrunk.

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