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Zeta Magnussoft has just announced that they are delaying the release of ZETA 1.5 Professional from 10 to 15 days in order to add a port of the AbiWord open source word processor, a native PCL6 printer driver and a Radeon x-series video driver. The addition of AbiWord is seen as a move to eventually replace the word processor component of GoBe Productive, a third party lightweight office suite currently bundled with ZETA that is no longer in development. Since AbiWord is released under the GPL, the port is expected to eventually benefit Haiku as well.
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RE: Used Zeta until 1.21
by tonestone57 on Fri 19th Jan 2007 03:01 UTC in reply to "Used Zeta until 1.21"
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Zeta is like having BeOS 5.5 (just to note that original BeOS only goes up to 5.1). Zeta is just a modified, somewhat more updated version of BeOS 5, which runs a little quicker & has a newer look & feel to it with some new drivers & programs.

Zeta & Haiku OS would benefit from going to gcc 4.x. It'd make updating & porting applications easier. One less thing to worry about. When gcc 4.x is used, then it'll be a little better. This is a real hold up (slowing down progress), but Zeta/Haiku will lose some (or half?) gcc 2.95 programs if they switched over.(Haiku was said to be going gcc 2.95 for Version 1.0).

3d hardware acceleration requires OpenGL. Can't make OpenGL drivers because need to sign NDA with Nvidia & ATI to get specifics for the video cards (only done with mainstream OSes) OR get Nvidia/ATI to provide 3d video drivers. Adobe Flash is closed source. Would require Adobe to provide it for Zeta, otherwise have to use "GNU's Gnash" until then (port is in the works for Gnash).

Open source applications can be updated for Zeta. Ie: Firefox, but either isn't because it works OK or may have been altered/workaround to compile with gcc 2.95? Most newer programs ask for gcc 3.0.4 or newer to compile - so, a few applications which can be "directly" ported over are not, because would require rewriting code to make it gcc 2.95 compliant. Going to gcc 4.x will be a "Big Step" & probably happen in 2008/2009.

When Haiku becomes more mainsteam, then it'll attract more developers. More developers means, more drivers & more Linux/BSD ports, plus additional BeOS applications developed. OpenGL (3D) & Adobe Flash won't happen for quite awhile though.

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